Recipe Of The Week – 10 Syn Butternut Squash, Spinach and Feta Pie

I’ve made a few meals based on Pinterest recipes this week, and the biggest success was based on this pie from Diethood. I didn’t get any pictures, so head over there to see it!

I made this on Sunday, but put it in the fridge before the final cooking stage so that I just had to put it in the oven on Monday. It was really nice, and I will definitely make it again. It contains lots of superfree, so depending on your appetite you don’t need to eat anything else on the side. I ate it on its own for dinner, and reheated another portion in the microwave for lunch the next day. I think it would be just as nice without the squash, too.


It needs a few tweaks to make it Slimming World friendly, which brings it in at 10 syns for a quarter of the pie on Extra Easy if you use some of the feta as your Healthy Extra A. Otherwise it will be 16 syns per quarter. If you want to divide it up differently, the whole thing is 64 syns so just divide by the number of servings you want. There is no meat, so you could use this one a Green day too. I’m not sure about Original as the pastry may syn differently. Also please note that I calculated syns based on using Jus Rol pastry, which is 123 syns per sheet, and that this is not an official Slimming World recipe so you will have to trust my judgement or calculate your own values to check!

I know some people might think that 10 syns is a lot, but I think it is worth it for this delicious cheesey pie, and I prefer to include my syns in my meals rather than as extra snacks.


Six sheets of Filo pastry (I used one whole pack of frozen Jus Rol filo), defrosted if frozen

Half a butternut squash (peel, cut in half above the fat seeded section, slice the top half down the middle and then into 0.5 mm half moon slices – you can then use the bottom half for another recipe or to make chips)

One or two onions, finely chopped

Three cloves of garlic, chopped

One egg

One 200 g pack of feta, cut into little cubes about 1cm 

Two bags of fresh spinach (trust me, you’ll need a lot!)

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon thyme

Buttery Frylite spray


Take the filo out of the freezer ahead of time, and make sure your work surfaces are clean as you will need to unravel them and lay them out later. Preheat your oven if it is as slow to heat up as mine!

Lay out the butternut squash on a tray, spray with Frylite and cook in the oven at 190 C for 20 – 30 minutes, until soft (you can poke them with a fork to check, I just went ahead and bit one to check the texture!)

While the squash is cooking, fry up the onions and garlic until soft in Frylite, and then add in the spinach until wilted to about half the original size (don’t leave it in the pan too long as it will dissappear like magic). You may need to do the spinach in a few batches, adding more as it shrinks. When ready, scoop this into a large mixing bowl.

Add in the feta, nutmeg, thyme and garlic to the bowl, and crack the egg on to the top of the mixture. Then take a wooden spoon and mix it all together so that there is a nice even distribution of everything. If the squash is still cooking, pop the bowl in the fridge while you wait. Leave the oven on at 190 C when removing the squash, as you will want it preheated for the pie.

Unroll the filo carefully, and lay out the slices flat. Don’t worry too much about small tears, as you will be using multiple layers so they won’t be a problem.

Spray the dish with buttery Frylite, and then add three sheets of filo, spraying the top of each one. Lay the squash slices evenly on top, and then cover with the feta and spinach mixture. Lay the remaining three sheets on top, again spraying each one as you go. I ended up folding the second two sheets in half to make them fit the dish better, but just make sure that the filling is covered. I didn’t want the edges hanging out of the dish to burn, so I folded all the excess inwards onto the top of the pie.

Now the pie is ready to go into the oven for around 40 minutes, or until brown on top and hot inside. You could also pop the uncooked pie into the fridge (covered with clingfilm) to cook the next day.

When ready, cut into quarters and serve. You could add Slimming World chips, or a salad, or whatever you want on the side, but I ate mine on its own.