Other People’s Opinions

When you’re dieting, other people can be really helpful. They can provide inspiration, advice, motivation, a little friendly competition or just the occasional push in the right direction when you’re stood in front of the cake counter.

However, they can also be the complete opposite.

This week’s post is inspired by a monthly event in my office known as Cake Friday. You hand over a pound coin, and it magically turns into all manner of baked delights from Costco, several of which I used to cram into my face with a mix of guilt and glee. Since I am still officially Being Good, I went to the tea room to torture myself by looking at what was there even though I wasn’t going to have any of it (apparently that’s a more empowering way to phrase things than ‘couldn’t have it’ or ‘wasn’t allowed’). This resulted in members of my team saying things like “go on, you can just have one”. “Just have this little one!” “Have one cake today and then no more until next month”. At one point the box of cookies was held up right under my nose, at which point I decided the best course of action was to be dramatic and run from the room yelling ‘Noooooooooo!!!!’

So this brings me to the main two types of Well Meaning Unhelpful People that I have encountered.

1) Go On, Just Have One

2) You Don’t Need To Diet, You Look Fine.

Number 1 are not trying to make life hard on purpose. It feels good to share. It makes them feel good about themselves when the treats they have brought in are appreciated by lots of happy people. And they want you to be a happy person too. When you reject their offering, maybe that feels bad to them. They know you’re not being ungrateful or rude, but they still want you to join in. And let’s be honest, people on diets can be boring. I sure can be. Not to mention grumpy when I’m adjusting to eating less food and it’s making me super hungry. However, there’s no questioning the fact that their good intentions make setting foot in the tea room suck. If anyone has any tips on how to politely decline these offerings without resorting to actual running away, that would be super. On the plus side, it feels good to come out of the other side without having given in – I feel like my willpower is that little bit stronger than in was last year and I don’t really feel like I’ve missed out on anything at all.

So onto number 2. Again, all of the people who say these things are lovely, but they don’t seem to realise that in saying “why are you losing weight?” or “oh, are you on that silly diet again?” that they are not being as nice as they think they are. I had a few people questioning why I was dieting when I first (re)joined Slimming World back around August. At that point, I weighed 10 stone 10 pounds and was over half a stone over weight. I had a pair of shorts in size 14 because I could no longer buy a 12 that fit. The fact is, if you haven’t seen your friend naked then you probably don’t know how much weight they’re carrying as it can be easy to hide a little extra by careful fashion choices. I’m also yet to come up with a good reply to this, but when I get down to my target I think I will put before/after underwear pictures on Facebook with a title along the lines of ‘For everyone who said I didn’t need to lose weight’.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining about that.

This week has been alright, I’m getting used to the amount that I eat but I am getting really bored of the same breakfast every day. My daily diet is along the lines of:

Breakfast: Warburton Thin (sort of like a mini sandwich thing) filled with a Dairylea triangle (or whatever the Aldi equivalent is called, ’cause I’m dead poor) and some prepackaged cooked chicken pieces [about 230 kcals]

Lunch: Low-fat microwave meal, usually Weight Watchers or Asda or Co Op diet brands [up to 400 kcals]

Drinks: 1 litre sugar free squash [20 kcals]

Snacks, if it’s a gym day: 1 Lucozade Sport [50 kcals], some more sandwich chicken or a bag of Fridge Raiders [120 kcals]

Dinner: Whatever I can find to make 400-600 kcals, depending on how much else I’ve had. One day I had a chicken breast with sauce made from 1/4 tub Philadelphia Light cheese and mushrooms with sweet potato wedges (probably about 1/2 – 1/3 of the sweet potato, the boyfriend got the rest). Last night was stir fried steak, mushrooms and onions with a 1/2 packet of black bean sauce. I also had half a pizza and some wedges for 600 kcal, which is a big bonus of calorie counting over other type of diet as I can still eat what I want, as long as I don’t go overboard.

Next week I think I might see if I can find something else for breakfast, maybe a cereal bar or something. I’m also thinking of buying a couple of sandwiches for lunches as a ham sandwich from Boots is only 199 kcal. I’ve been naughty today and had one of those for dinner, along with a 300 kcal flapjack. But on the other hand, in diet terms it isn’t naughty as it is all counted, it just doesn’t offer much nutritional value.

At weigh in on Thursday I’d lost another 1.5 lb, so still a bit frustrating but I’m generally happy with that. Two lb to go and I’ll have lost my first stone since starting in August.

I’m going to lunch with a friend on Sunday and thinking I might let myself have a dessert – if so I’ll avoid eating much in the evening and keep my fingers crossed.


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