Achievement Unlocked

No recipes for you this week as I haven’t made anything exciting. I also haven’t really been following Slimming World either – I gave calorie counting a try instead. I’ve been trying to keep below 1,300 kcal, but I think I’ve worked out from MyFitnessPal that I need to stay below 1,200 in order to lose 2 lb a week.

At my weigh in on Thursday I’d lost 1.5 lb, which I was a bit disappointed by as I need to lose 2 per week if I want to get to target by my birthday in late April.

I’m going to try another two weeks or so of calorie counting, and if I don’t lose more than I would by sticking to Slimming World properly then I will switch back. SW would be preferable as it allows you to eat as much as you like of things like meat and pasta, so there’s no going hungry. I have been pretty hungry this week as I’ve cut my portions down a lot and cut out all snacks aside from something protein based before the gym and a bottle of Lucozade Sport when I’m there.

So, on to my achievements: on Friday I ran my first treadmill 5 k. It took 39 minutes, and I ran ten, walked two, ran ten, walked three and then ran the rest (14 inutes or so). I wasn’t really planning to try a 5 k when I started, I was tired and only planned to run for twenty minutes and then go home. Sometimes I just seem to be able to run a lot better than others – the previous two times I’d been at the gym I’d only managed five or ten minutes before giving up. I’m not holding my breath about being able to do it again anytime soon but I guess we’ll find out.

I also had my first trapeze class on Tuesday, that was fun but very painful. I probably won’t get much chance to take more classes unless I pay for privates, as it clashes with silks. I pretty much suck at silks though, so I might give up after my current term. It’s a great arm workout though, so it’s a tough decision.

Other news… I had a professional photoshoot with one of my aerial hoop instructors today, that was superfun and I should get the photos back in a couple of weeks. Some of them are terrible but I got some nice ones and I’d like to do it again when I lose some more weight and learn some new tricks.

Yesterday’s excitement was finally getting my hands on a faux fur coat. I’ve wanted one for ages and the one I’ve been searching for since I first saw it in Topshop before Chritmas finally appeared in the sale so I snapped it up and didn’t look back. I super duper love it and that is the end of my news for the week!


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