Off to a good start

Hello readers!

Welcome to my blog, I promise it will be super fun and witty and not at all narcissistic.

Yesterday was my first weigh in since before Christmas, and it was a positive start to the year since I managed to lose a pound despite having spent the previous two weeks making my way through a shocking amount of chocolate and biscuits, courtesy of my very generous mother.

My work out schedule this week was:

Saturday – 1 hour private hoop class

Sunday – Gym (including 3 km run in 30 min, leg press, stretches with aim to eventually get into splits)

Monday – Gym (2 km run in 15 min, stretches, assisted pull ups and assisted tricep dips)

Tuesday – Swimming (750 m)

Wednesday – Gym (3.5 km run in 30 min, ab work, leg press)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Gym (abs, pull ups, triceps, leg press, rope pull)

I really hate running, but am working towards running 5 km. Currently I can only manage about 20 mins without stopping, and at the speed I go a 5k would take me almost 40 minutes. My other main fitness goals are to learn to do the splits, and to squat 100 kg on the leg press machine (so, I guess more like 40 kg when body weight is factored in).

I’ve also worked on cutting out snacking, and only eating when really hungry. This has been a challenge and I’ve been pretty grumpy, but I’m pleased with how I’ve done. I haven’t recorded my meals, but I’ll post them next week so that I can at least pretend that this blog could be vaguely useful to someone else. I ordered a food diary from Amazon that should last me for about three months – recording what I eat is pretty important for me in making good choices. The best thing I made this week was a spinach and feta pie – I’ll post a recipe up here soon.

So I guess that’s it for my first post. Happy new year everyone!


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